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Daring Zimbo Women Leak Lesbo Video

In the video, one woman wearing a bloods bandana is filming her lover chowing her from behind.

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Daring Zimbo Women Leak Lesbo Video

Hot on the heels of a viral video of two Masvingo slay queens were filmed having tlof tlof, another one has emerged.

The latest video shows what should have been a private passionate moment between two women.

Masvingo Girl's Leaked Video Breaks the Internet

On Wednesday, Zimbabwe was abuzz when a video of two women having relations was shared on X (formerly Twitter).

The video, widely shared on various social media platforms, shows one woman chowing her lover. The woman who is being chowed screams her lover’s name before the video ends.

Social media sleuths swiftly uncovered the identities of the two lovers as Nyasha and Flora. Surprisingly, the video was shared on Flora’s own social media account.

Many have been left scratching their heads as to why she would risk legal consequences by leaking a video of her having tlof tlof with another woman.

The girls, nonchalant about their infamous video, have spoken out. Flora posted a video on TikTok with the caption:

“POV: Me to those huns that be talking sh_t to me muzvima group zvavo but kana tasangana live vakungoseka seka.”

She went on to attack everyone:

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“Black people are too quick to unite when they want to destroy another black person.”

Nyasha and Flora then went live on Instagram. Flora was seemingly on a call, and Nyasha quipped:

Zvimwe zvitadzo zvatinenge tichiita zvakutipisisa. Zvinosemesa here izvi? As long as ndisingaisiwi kuma t**** hazvisemesi.”

Daring Zimbo Women Leak Lesbo Video

On the call, Flora told a friend she was in hiding. She also said she would buy her dad a drink if he watched the video.

Now, another video of two women having tlof tlof has found its way onto the internet. In the video, one woman wearing a bloods bandana is filming her lover chowing her from behind.

Kwekwe Gay Couple Deny Sleeping Together

She seems to be enjoying it until she shouts ‘okay, okay’ and the video abruptly ends.

The participants’ identities in the new tlof tlof video are yet to be identified but best believe that social media sleuths are hard at work trying to uncover who they are.

It could also not be ascertained at the time of publishing who had leaked the video of the two.


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