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Comedian Blah Giant Robbed?

Blah Giant’s forehead had a big swell wound, which shows that someone hit his head.

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Comedian Blah Giant Robbed?

Popular social media personality and comedian Blah Giant is currently hospitalised after he was severely beaten today.

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Blah Giant is prominent for some of his funny social media skits. He also expresses his comical side in music videos. The person of short stature features prominently in Enzo Ishall’s intriguing video of the song Tiza.

Blah Giant shocked Zimbabweans on social media after someone posted a video on his Facebook account.

The social media personality was lying in a hospital bed. He was visibly badly injured and writhing in pain as someone filmed him.

Blah Giant’s forehead had a big swell wound, which shows that someone hit his head. He also had another swelling on the forehead and a deep cut on his head.

The person who shared the video appealed to the public:

Guys, let’s pray for Blah Giant vapinda mu operation.

The person did not specify what happened to the popular comedian, and as a result, there was a flurry of questions in the comments.

One person, however, who appeared privy to the situation revealed that Blah Giant was badly thrashed.

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Social media users expressed sympathy for Blah Giant as he has been hospitalised.


Long-time manager Elder Shambare has dumped trending Zimdancehall chanter Silent Killer in a move that got Zimbos talking.

Comedian Blah Giant Robbed?

Elder Shambare and Silent Killer have been working together since the early stages of his career over a decade ago. However, the two have decided to part ways at the heat of Ngwere’s career.

2023 has been a big year for Silent Killer, who has been playing almost everywhere. A few months back, X users started propping him online and posting his lyrics. The trend moved to TikTok, and people created clips from some of his funniest songs.

What thrilled Zimbos was that Silent Killer never dropped a song or pulled a stunt for him to start trending. It just happened organically.

And as the man of the moment, Silent Killer’s career rejuvenated, and he was now getting multiple bookings.

On some occasions, the Locker Mastreets hitmaker would perform at two or more venues at night. At the end of October, he even flew to the United Kingdom for a string of shows before heading to South Africa.


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