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RwandAir Tyre Burst Exposes Airports Company

There was disruption of service on the runway and flights had to be diverted from Harare to Lusaka.

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RwandAir Tyre Burst Exposes Airports Company

In an almost catastrophic development, a RwandAir aircraft experienced a tyre burst today at Robert Gabriel Mugabe International Airport in Harare.

“Ethiopian Airlines flight ET873 abandons landing at RGM International Airport in Harare after a RwandAir plane parked on the runway after bursting a tyre during takeoff. The Airbus A350 appears to be now flying to Lusaka, other airlines diverting to Bulawayo.”

According to Airports Company of Zimbabwe, the incident reportedly happened just as the RwandAir plane was just about to takeoff.

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Luckily the plane did not crash. No deaths or injuries were recorded.

Meanwhile, as a result of the tyre burst incident, there is a temporary disruption of service on the runway. Flights were diverted from Harare to Lusaka.

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After some time, they finally managed to replace the tyre and cleared the runway.

Here are some of the pictures taken after the RwandaAir plane experienced a tyre burst:

RwandAir Tyre Burst Exposes Airports Company

The news about the RwandAir tyre bust has left many people shocked. However, many people are relieved that the incident occurred during takeoff rather than landing.

Netizens opined that had the incident happened when the plane was landing, the incident was going to be more disastrous.

Additionally, the incident sparked inquiries regarding the reason behind Zimbabwe’s primary airport having just one runway.


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