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GoZ to Recruit 5000 Teachers in 2024

Thousands of trained teachers are unemployed while the country has a shortage of 25 000 teachers.

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GoZ to Recruit 5000 Teachers in 2024

The Public Service Commission (PSC) is set to recruit 5 000 teachers in 2024 as the Government seeks to reduce the teacher-to-pupil ratio from 1:45 towards the target of 1:35.

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Speaking to The Herald, the Minister of Primary and Secondary Education Torerayi Moyo said the Government doesn’t have the financial capacity to recruit all unemployed teachers sitting at home. He said:

We wait for allocation from the fiscus as the Minister of Finance, Economic Development and Investment Promotion looks at the Budget for a particular year and he can tell us how many teachers are going to be absorbed.

From next year, we are going to recruit 5 000, but we can’t absorb all of them who are at home.

Let’s do domestic mobilisation. Then the national cake when it expands more people will be recruited, but now we are limited by resources, that’s the limiting factor.

Unemployed teachers are supposed to register with the PSC and their districts.

In September this year, the Government recruited 2 500 teachers, but this was not enough to meet the demand as the country has a shortage of 25 000 teachers.

Speaking during the 2024 pre-budget presentation in Parliament in September, Moyo said the Ministry plans to decentralise the recruitment of teachers to the provincial and district levels, with the approval of the Public Service Commission.

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Zimbabwe has a deficit of 2 800 schools, and Moyo said they are looking for public-private partnerships to fund the construction of new schools.


The Zimbabwe National Union of School Heads (ZINUSH) has demanded that the Government should pay retired school heads’ pensions in United States dollars, instead of in “useless” Zimbabwe dollars.

GoZ to Recruit 5000 Teachers in 2024

In a statement, ZINUSH secretary-general Munyaradzi Majoni said retired school heads are wallowing in poverty even though they once made their pension contributions in hard currency. Said Majoni:

We noted that this problem was caused by the model where salaries were in RTGS and only allowances were paid in US dollars and we sent our recommendation to the employer lobbying for the dumping of payment of salaries in RTGS (Zimdollars).

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We raised concerns about why our retiring members were getting retirement packages in useless RTGS terms even though these members once made their pension contributions in hard currency.

Majoni said teachers were demanding an urgent review of the pensions to ensure pensioners live dignified lives.


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