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Women Strip & Flash Police to Distract Them

One of them even flashed her punani to the officer who was restraining her brother on the ground during the arrest

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Women Strip & Flash Police to Distract Them

A group of women employed an ingenious tactic to try and stop the police from arresting a suspected drug dealer in Struis Bay, Western Cape.

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The women stripped down to their birthday suits and one of them flashed her punani to ostensibly distract the police and possibly stop the police from arresting her and the suspect.

The incident, which was caught on camera, took place on December 23, 2023, in the Rondomskrik area of Struis Bay.

The women, along with the suspect who was believed to be in possession of drugs, were subsequently arrested. The suspects, ranging in age from 23 to 30, made an appearance in court on January 5.

According to a report by Daily Sun, the police had gone to the residence to arrest the suspect, who was allegedly the brother of all the naked women seen in the video.

As the officers moved in to apprehend the man, the women interposed themselves, going so far as to begin removing their clothing.

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Women Strip & Flash Police to Distract Them

Initially, the video shows the women wearing only their panties, but as the encounter progressed, they stripped completely, with one of them even flashing her punani to the officer who was restraining her brother on the ground during the arrest.

When contacted by Daily Sun for a comment, Southern Cape police spokesman Sergeant Chris Spies acknowledged the video circulating on social media platforms.

He confirmed that the incident occurred on December 23, 2023, in Rondomskrik, Swellendam. Spies explained:

Reports available suggest that the members accosted a man with drugs in his possession following information received.

Upon searching for the man, they came under attack. Subsequently, three women and a man aged between 23 and 30 were arrested.

Spies condemned the behaviour exhibited towards the police officers in the video, emphasizing that any assault on a law enforcement officer is considered a serious offence and an attack on the state.

He declared that such disorderly and indecent conduct towards the police cannot be tolerated.

The suspects appeared in court on Friday, facing charges including obstructing justice, impeding a police officer in the performance of their duties, assault, and willful damage to property.

They were all remanded in custody, and the case was adjourned until Tuesday, January 9.


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