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Chivhayo Rewards Jah Prayzah for Supporting ZANU-PF

"My brother, not only has your music been consistent with our ZANU PF’s inevitable victory all the the way but..." - Wicknell Chivhayo

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Chivhayo Rewards Jah Prayzah for Supporting ZANU-PF

Wicknell Chivhayo buys musician Jah Prayzah a US$180 000, S500 Mercedes Benz.

Writing on his X handle, Chivhayo said:

It would be very UNFAIR and grossly UNREASONABLE for me not to also acknowledge and recognize our own LEGEND and SUPERSTAR the man himself JAH PRAYZAH… Hantinga kanganwe zvazuro ne HOPE, back then wakaimba MUDHARA VACHAUYA then takazomuona zveshuwa akazouya uye iri Shumba inoruma zvokwadi.”

Power Producer Licenses Awarded To Undeserving People

The businessman has become synonymous with gifting various artists and ordinary people with cars.

Ukazoimba uchiti KUTONGA KWARO na zvino richiri kutonga haro GAMBA riya and now the recent amazing CHIREMERA and for sure vaka gara pava ka gadzikwa, havana kubvuta vaka sarudzwa indeed he was democratically elected in terms of our constitution, WE VOTED FOR HIM… Zvokwadi haunyebi vane ZOPZO uye IMHONDORO… My brother, not only has your music been consistent with our ZANU PF’s inevitable victory all the the way but you are also the ZIMBABWE NATIONAL ARMY brand Ambassador crowned with a very senior rank of Full Colonel, an appointment and rank that an ordinary citizen like me can only DREAM OF… As my small way of saying THANK YOU please kindly accept and go and immediately collect your new 2023 MERCEDES BENZ 5500 4MATIC at EXQUISITE DEALERSHIP see Victor… Nakidzwa hako uri mu latest shape yako you deserve it… 180 thousand dollars well spent on you whole heartedly…Congratulations to you my brother you earned it and you deserve it… EDelivers,” he wrote.

Chivhayo Rewards Jah Prayzah for Supporting ZANU-PF

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Fidel Castro Road formerly known as Charter Road has been officially commissioned today by visiting Cuban Vice President, Salvador Valdes Mesa.

Self-styled Apostle Calls Jah Prayzah a Demoniac

The road was renamed in 2020 in honour of Cuba’s founding President Fidel Castro.

Vice President Mesa said the road represents the honour and memory of an icon who came to Harare in 1986, for the Non-Aligned Movement Summit.

The road symbolises resilience and the fighting spirit of Castro who died still fighting for the end of colonialism and the hegemonic stance of the West.

Vice President Mesa said they are committed to continue working with Zimbabwe in various sectors adding that the honour symbolises great friendship.

We continue working with Zimbabwe and impart knowledge to the Zimbabwean people. Zimbabwe also received vaccines and medical equipment.


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