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'Bald Men’s Heads Contain Gold' - Mozambique

A victim's bald head was removed by criminals who wanted to sell it to their client from Mali

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‘Bald Men’s Heads Contain Gold' – Mozambique

Mozambique authorities have reportedly launched an investigation following another murder of a bald man as they grapple with the belief that “bald men’s heads contain gold”.

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According to BBC News, the bald head of the victim was removed by criminals who wanted to sell it to their client from Mali, who reportedly disappeared before the exchange could be done.

As a result, the criminals were forced to leave the bald head in the central town of Muandiwa.

Some Mozambicans believe bald men’s heads contain gold,” said the publication.

In 2017, the country’s police warned bald men after the killing of five men for their body parts.

Afonso Dias, a police commander in Mozambique’s central Zambezia province, was quoted as saying at the time:

Their motive comes from superstition and culture – the local community thinks bald individuals are rich.

Malawi has also suffered a wave of assaults against people with albinism from late 2014.

Amnesty International says more than 20 people with albinism have been killed in Malawi since 2014.

‘Bald Men’s Heads Contain Gold' – Mozambique

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The assaults range from killings, tampering of graves, attempted abductions, and physical violence.

As in other countries in the region, their body parts are used in rituals to bring wealth and luck.

Some people with albinism are also accused of being “vampires” who seek human blood for rituals, sometimes triggering vigilante violence in retaliation.


Maglera Doe Boy has set the record straight on rumours of him being romantically involved with social media sensation Cyan Boujee.

Cyan is head over heels in love and has been posting precious moments with her man online but concealing his identity, and social media scores have been pinning Maglera Doe Boy as Cyan’s partner.

The rapper took to the timeline to deny the claims. He said:

Okay it was funny, but before it got out of hand, that is not me in the image with Cyan. I don’t have jewellery with diamonds.

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This is the first time Maglera has chimed in on a rumour about him.

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Last year social media users speculated the rapper was dating visual artist Shala The Unicorn after he shared images of them together and he has never denied the claims.


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