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Thigh Vendor Sleeps with 30 Men a Night

She narrated that men tend to tear condoms when she is not paying attention

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Thigh Vendor Sleeps with 30 Men a Night

A Zimbabwean thigh vendor has startled people online after narrating how they operate in the world’s oldest profession.

The unidentified woman consented to a street interview and delved into the challenges commercial s_x workers encounter in their trade.

She shared a sad story of how she ended up selling thighs on the streets.

When she was 14, her older boyfriend impregnated her, and she eloped.

They, however, divorced when she was 15, and her father told her to take back the child to her former in-laws.

Her mother then decided to rent a room for her.

Life took a turn for the worse, and she started struggling to feed her child and pay rent as her mother got sick.

A friend then introduced her to pr_stitution when she was 16.

Thigh Vendor Sleeps with 30 Men a Night

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She narrated that men tend to tear condoms when she is not paying attention. This exposes them to HIV/AIDS and s_xually transmitted infections STIs).

The thigh vendor reiterated that they experience STIs so much that every experienced worker has been ill at some point.

However, she admitted that they offer raw once they have agreed with a client, who will pay a higher fee.

The lady revealed that she charges US$5 for tl0f tl0f without a condom and US$1 for protected s_x.

The thigh vendor also shocked viewers when she disclosed that she could service between 25 and 30 men in a single night.

She further spoke about some dangers thigh vendors expose themselves in their quest to earn a living.

Some men hire them for night sessions at their houses. There, the s_x workers allegedly sleep with goblins.

The interviewed vendor said she once went to a home, got paid for a session with one man, but slept with four people before they dumped her in the middle of nowhere.

Some men go to the extent of robbing s_x workers after smashing.

Thigh vendors nowadays get both male and female clients who want tl0f tl0f.


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