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Porta Potty: Slay Queen Confesses to Eating Poo in Dubai

Influncers get paid anywhere between $25,000 and $50,000 to take part in these events.

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Porta Potty: Slay Queen Confesses to Eating Poo in Dubai

A famed Nigerian slay queen who’s simply identified on TikTok with the handle name @Sheaintlexx has confessed in a now-viral video that she purposely travels to Dubai to engage in Porta Potty.

As openly discussed by @Sheaintlexx, she earns a whopping $50,000 after each Porta Potty session.

In a video she made after just arriving in Dubia for another Porta Potty job, @Sheaintlexx happily expressed that she gets happy anytime she lands in Dubai because she knows she’s about to make lots of money.

Describing @Sheaintlexx, as beautiful is an understatement because she looks so immaculate and full of life.

Getting paid $50,000 to get shitted on isn’t a big deal for @Sheaintlexx, hence she frequently travels to Dubai to satisfy her Arab customers.

The rich men of the Emirates have a lot of money to spend and evidently, a lot of unconventional fetishes to explore.

One of them involves paying a round trip for influencers from abroad to fly to their mansions and get dirty with them (quite literally).

That is pooping on them and sometimes making them eat some of the faeces

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In return, they also get paid anywhere between $25,000 and $50,000.


Porta Potty: Slay Queen Confesses to Eating Poo in Dubai


Controversial Zimbabwean business tycoon Sir Wicknell Chivayo is trending after being rumoured to be in a relationship with South African influencer and YouTuber Minhlali Ndamase.

The news has since thrust the two into top trends, with many trying to connect the dots about their alleged relationship.

However, Wicknell Chivayo has vaguely rubbished the rumours in an Instagram post. He meekly posted, “Being rich is not a crime. Leave me alone, please.”

On the other hand, Ndamase was not available to comment on this at the time of publication.

Chivayo has two children with wife Sonja Madzikanda. The pair recently celebrated their sixth anniversary.

In 2017, Wicknell Chivayo paid R952 000 lobola for Sonja Madzikanda. The late icon Oliver Mtukudzi serenaded guests at Chivayo’s lush wedding, which several government officials and celebrated business people attended.


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