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Iwe Usanditore Face: Mai Rumbi Leaked Video Goes Viral

She was recorded by her partner being intimate in the car

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Iwe Usanditore Face: Mai Rumbi Leaked Video Goes Viral

Mai Rumbi in Musvo Video in the car – Iwe usanditore face as echoes of ‘I love you baby’ were being sang. Zimbabweans surely know how to entertain the rest of the World and we love every moment of it.

Leaked Video: Kikie waTytie Going Wild

Chilling in your lounge while resting from a long day at work and wondering what’s happening in our favourite country. Wonder no more, Mai Rumbi is trending in the streets of Harare and here is why.

A video showing a woman named Mai Rumbi is trending on social media after she was recorded by her partner having Lula Lula in a car. In the video, she is asking the man not to record her face but is enjoying the moment too much to stop him. You surely don’t need DStv if you stay in Zimbabwe as the country provides its own entertainers.

Mai Rumbi is the talk of town and this is why.

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Iwe Usanditore Face: Mai Rumbi Video Goes Viral


Mai Sasha, who recently garnered widespread attention for allegedly confessing to using juju on her husband’s mistress, Chenai, has retracted her statements and denies her previous statement following intense social media criticism.

In a viral Facebook video, Mai Sasha denounced her supposed traditional healer, Gogo Moyo, labelling her as fraudulent. She accused Gogo Moyo of being ineffective and claimed her services were deceptive.

The controversy erupted when Chenai and her family approached Tete Tilder, alleging that Mai Sasha had used juju to cause Chenai’s abdominal swelling. Seeking to reverse the purported spell, they were asked to pay $200, which reportedly was never paid.


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