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Government controls fuel prices

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Fuel prices have been slightly reduced following the recent announcement by the Zimbabwe Energy Regulatory Authority (ZERA) making the first price reduction of fuel since January 13, 2019.

The new prices for petrol and diesel are expected to be effective September 2, 2019, going down from ZWL $10.32 to $ 10.25 for diesel and ZWL $9.86 for petrol from $10.01.

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Despite these slight changes the prices are still unbearable with commuter omnibuses charging more .Fuel prices have been increased by more than 500 percent this year, as the value of the local currency has slid  resulting in unleashed inflation, eroding salaries and angering workers’ unions.

Average petrol prices released by the World Bank for 2014 show that the pump price of petrol in Zimbabwe at US$1,56 per litre  in 2015 was expensive compared to other countries in the region now its even worse comparing  local fuel pricing and international markets on how they price fuel.


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