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diaries of a single black mother

Introducing : Diary of a single mother

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It is not easy writing this diary, sometimes the pain just comes back. *sigh*

I am hoping to find closure by writing about my experiences. At the same time, I hope to inspire others out there who may be in the same situation to find the strength to soldier on. I also hope I can expose some of the difficulties single mothers face due to societal injustices.



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I didn’t really think about him, nope, not like that. But I did see him the next day and the next and the next till I stopped counting and lost track of the number of visits he paid. That’s what it was. Wide-eyed, I fell for the charm and yes, of course, the money. Ours wasn’t like some fairy tale- the love at first sight kind of story- no. it was just a case of him being there in time to fill a void.


I laugh when I think of it, yes I do. I had been whimpering over the guy I had been dating at college and James was supposed to be the rebound guy. Everyone knows that a rebound guy is just supposed to help u get back on your feet and move on. I guess I took it too far and stayed in my comfort zone far too long. Long enough to get me a baby bump…then it all began, the road to single motherhood.

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