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11 September 2019 – Market rates

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The current bank exchange rates for the ZWL$ today are as follows:

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  • USD to ZWL$: 11.6035
  • ZWL$ to RAND: 1.2725

Black Market Rates:

  • USD to ZWL: 14.90
  • USD to ZWL$: 14.80
  • USD to ZWL$: 14.80
  • USD to BOND: 10.60
  • ZAR100 to BOND: 52.00
  • ZAR to RTGS/ECOCASH:  82
  • USD to ZAR                1450


Zimtrending does not directly deal in the Forex market. Please use our rates as a guild line only. We cannot be held accountable as a result of any of your decisions based on our rates. Do not assume our rates are accurate as we are there as a reference point only. If you are looking for official rates please contact your local bank in conjunction with the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe. Finally note that dealing in the parallel market might be illegal and we strongly advise you do not participate.


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