olinda and tytan
olinda and tytan

Olinda, Uk based socialite expressed her feelings towards her ex-husband Tytan on an Instagram live yesterday.

Olinda said she misses her husband Baba Nandi as she shared a picture of the two on Instagram with a caption, that’s one of those days and I miss us. 

olinda chapel

The couple ended their marriage in August this year after they have been living together in Uk  and it seems the wounds are still fresh for Olinda as she admits that she is hurt and declares her love for Tytan.

“ndasuwa mumwe wangu, ndasuwa baba Nandi” (I miss my better half, I miss Nandi’s father) she said

Olinda says it’s hard to forget Tytan as her daughter resembles him which makes it worse for her to move on, but Zimbabweans are left with a big question mark in mind if Olinda is serious or it is one of those moments when Olinda is just looking for attention since she has been quiet for sometime after the two divorced.




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