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Churches Call for Suspension of Elections.

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The Zimbabwe Heads of Christian Denominations (ZHOCD), which includes the Zimbabwe Council of Churches, writes an open letter to the Zimbabwean Government and to all the Citizens of Zimbabwe seeking a lasting solution to the current political crisis, deepening mistrust and the dehumanizing economic decline.

The ZHOCD calls the nation to a sabbath on all political contestations for a period of seven years to allow for the rebuilding of trust and confidence, reset our politics and chart a shared way forward towards a comprehensive economic recovery path in a non-competitive political environment. Within these seven years, the churches call for Non-Competitive Political Environment

The role of the church has since time immemorial been that of keeping a balance between the people and the government hence churches in Zimbabwe have taken their position. The key role the church plays/can play in politics is through its prophetic ministry. “Prophetic” here means speaking into policy, structure, or issues in the name of God and Christ, or on behalf of humanity in general or of a community in particular.

This is different from the “prophetic word” that is current – different in emphasis, not better or worse. The church has a set of moral norms and it has illustrations in Scripture and in history of how these norms have been used. The prophetic role is seen in the application of relevant moral norms to the current political concerns of the day. Hence the church needs to continue engaging with government on justice, corruption, leadership, economic debt, education, health care, safety and security, policy, and whatever else is morally important.

Below is the open letter:

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