Drama movie style as woman in Harare is caught red handed by boyfriend cheating after a surprise visit.

The incident occurred at a flat along Tongogara Avenue.

In a bid to escape, both the woman and the lover jumped from the second floor of her flat to the ground to avoid confrontation.

Unfortunately, they both sustained gruesome injuries .

According to , H-Metro, the woman who has only been identified as Nancy was rushed to hospital after the botched escape. Reports are that Nancy’s boyfriend who has been paying for her accommodation arrived at the apartment unannounced whilst she was in the company of her other lover, leading to the fracas.

Contacted for comment, Nancy, confirmed the incident. She, however, denied having sex with her other boyfriend whom she was caught with. In the lengthy interview with the publication, Nancy who was in the company of her friend identified as Tapiwa, said:

‘I am still in shock and I beg you not to publish the story since it might affect my job as well as my close relatives.
The one I love most and who gives me his ear arrived early morning while I was accommodating my boyfriend and I failed to handle the situation upon hearing a knock by the door.
After informing my boyfriend about the one who was knocking by the door, he opened a window and jumped and I quickly followed him and fell on the roof of a parked Honda Fit car.’

‘The car saved me from serious injuries although I am still experiencing hand and back pains.
I was rushed to a doctor that I do not know the condition of my boyfriend who fell on the ground. He described me as a coward lady through a WhatsApp message and blocked my contact accusing me of failing to unlock the door and explain since we had not been in intimacy.’

‘He was my boyfriend and not my lover so we never engaged in sex but he slept over since it was too late and I feared for his life because of the lockdown security measures,’ said Nancy refusing to identify names of the two boyfriends.

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