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diaries of a single black mother

Diary Of a Single Mother 10

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Diary of a single mother 10

As arranged, Aunt Mavis and Judith came around sunset to accompany me. I had just packed a few toiletries and a few clothes. When we arrived at James’ flat, we knocked and Tino opened the door. Seeing me, he invited us inside. James’ dad was watching TV in the lounge. We sat on the floor instead of on the sofas. After some greetings and a bit of silence, Terrence’s mother then broke the ice.


She asked whether James was around but she was told that he was out of the country.

‘Well,’ we had brought his bride.’

She didn’t have to say anything further than that. As an adult James’ father knew what this meant.

‘I see,’ said the old man. ‘However, James is not here.’
‘We will have to leave her here because her father does not want her at his home.’
‘That is difficult for my daughter. I cannot accept her. James is not here- as you can see. If I may ask, how far gone is she?’
‘Four months,’


I could tell Judith was getting annoyed.

‘Four?! And you just had to wait? If you were so sure James is responsible, where were you? Trying other eligible bachelors.
Four months, it’s just too much. I suggest you leave. Tino, come and show these women out.’

He left us in the lounge.

Aunt Mavis and Judith got up to leave and I wasn’t sure what I was supposed to do so I remained sitting.

Tess, let’s go!’ aunt Mavis said in an angry voice.
‘We won’t stay here a minute longer. What for? To be insulted.” She added.

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I felt this heaviness.

James’ father acted as if he didn’t know me like I was a stranger or some prostitute trying to force her way into his son’s life. What was worse?

I couldn’t comprehend this. But really, what had I expected? How was I going to face my parents?

I so wanted to die.

Death just seemed like the only way out. I cared not for what I was carrying. I didn’t even think about it. There was no point. No point!

Aunt Mavis and Judith did not say anything.

Everyone was just lost in their own thought. What now?

I just couldn’t figure it out. I didn’t want to go home. I was terrified.

‘Maybe, it’s best if I talked to your parents alone, and perhaps you could come in when I call you.’ Aunt Mavis said.
‘We will stay in the car,’ Judith replied.

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