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Mudiwa Hood a Husband to Admire

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Popular artist Mudiwa hood has set high standards for Zimbabwean man.

Mudiwa hood has bought his wife a small gift of a BMW323i Msport and posted a heart-touching message for his son to see when he is older on Facebook.

He is a father who admires his son that he bought for him the Rolls Royce stroller which has shocks on its wheels, the material on it is waterproof and has leather interior.

His post reads :

Dear Mudiwa Jnr

Son, you see this woman whom you call mom, and I call her wifey? She is a special human being in both our lives son. She carried you for nine months, got sick, weak and sacrificed a lot of her own goals so you be here today, amazing, isn’t she. The day you were born, I witnessed every second of pain 😔 she went through in labour jus so you get born son. The 1st time i laid my eyes on you, I cried hard😢😢😢son, I looked at your mom and even cried more😢, actually, I am in tears writing this, she is a fighter and a strong woman. Son as you grow up, please respect everyone, especially women, regardless you are related to them or not. It only takes a man like me who has seen your mother in labour, to fully appreciate the role God gave them, to bring a human being on this earth through unbearable pain, again son respect women.

I wrote all this, not to just tell you how to respect women, especially your mother in this case but to actually show you how it is done ✅. Yes, I celebrated your coming here on earth but it is the bearer who is your mom who needs to be appreciated for bringing you King 👑 to this earth. I have bought your mom a small gift to say thank you 🙏🏽 for bringing you to this earth son you are that special.

For your mom, I have bought her a BMW 323i MSport as a small gift.

For your son, you can only need a stroller, for now, however, I went for the Rolls Royce of strollers. Your stroller has shocks on its wheels, the material on it is waterproof and has leather interior, it comes with a baby car seat 💺 with airbags. It is a 4 in one stroller, I couldn’t post all the pieces but am happy for you son, the most expensive, in the “Babies R Us” shop I bought it in SA. This is how much you mean to me Mudiwa🙏🏽.

Social Media will keep this for you till you old enough son, learn from me your dad, women are special treat them right and you will be happy forever. Above all God is good son, remain faithful to Him and He will bless you beyond doubt.

I love you son
Mudiwa Hood Snr

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