118 Chinese nationals were confirmed yesterday to have the COVID-19 strain of the CoronaVirus which originated from the Xhuna region in Wuhan, China.

The Victims have discovered in Greendale area Harare.

Speaking at a press conference yesterday the interim Minister of Health, Dr. Obadiah Moyo, confirmed this to be the case.

“We have 118 Chinese nationals now in quarantine at lodgings in the Greendale area who have been confirmed to be carrying the COVID-19 strain of the CoronaVirus. We are taking measures to ensure that they do not spread the infection further.

They may have infected others who may be in the incubation phase at the moment. Any one who suspects they may be carrying the CoronaVirus should report to the National Microbiology Screening lab urgently.”

Zimbabweans were urged to remain calm during this time. Measures such as regular hand-washing and the use of protective face masks should be implemented.

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