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Prices of Goods Updated 29/10/19

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We strive to help you shop wisely so you can save some money during these hard times.

This week we went to three supermarkets OK First Street, Pick N Pay Second Street, and Food World Jason Moyo.

The prices for Mazoe Orange Crush have increased from $41.99 to $45.99 and at Food World from $39.99 to $ 44.99.The price of Fattis and Monis spaghetti has risen from 14.99 to 38.40 at Ok First. Whilst a basic 50ml nugget shoe polish is now costing 21.99 at Pick n Pay from 15.99.

Pick and Pay is still offering a special promotion for Camphor cream at a price of $49.99 yet the tagged price is $75.99 and you save $26.

ZimTrending is here to help you save more.

See the current prices of over 50 products below.


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ItemPick N Pay Second Street Price
OK First Street

Food World Jason Moyo
Tangy Mayonnaise Cross & Blackwell 750g57.9974.9975.30
Irvine’s eggs CrateN/A108.99126.45
Salt 2kg Red Seal Probrands 19.99Red Seal 15.89 Red Seal 15.45
Mazoe Orange Crush 2 litres44.99 Less Sugar 42.99 Less Sugar43.00 Less Sugar
MA-HAT-MA 2KG 44.99N/A47.50
Continental Taste Roller 10 KG63.9970.40 Limited Supply129.15
Gloria Flour 2KGSelf Raising 44.99 41.9945.00
Dendairy 1 LITRE Milk18.4518.9919.05
Cerevita Corn and Banana 800g35.9930.9938.10
Kellogs Cornflakes 500 grams49.9949.9975.45
Snip Tissue21.9924.1023.50
Domestos 750 mlN/A45,6045.05
Stay Free pads 8's17.99 8s17.99 8s21.65
Colgate 100ml15.9915.6918.55
Mama's Jam 500grams 14.9914.99Sun Jam 18.79
Boom 1KG49.9949.5091.55 2 kg
Zimbrite washing soap 1KG22.2921.5023.50
Cremora 1kg79.9975.9999.99
Bread lobels, Bakers Inn, Protonlobels 16.75 ,proton bakers inn 14.50 17.00 lobels ,proton 14.80,bakers 14.80bakers 14.55,proton 14.55
Sugar 2KG31.99 Brown 31.99 Brown 32.25 Brown
Camphor 500 ml 64.9964.9571.00
Jade N/A15.3015.95
Cooking oil 2 litres 57.99 Raha 64.39 Roil 58.80 Zim gold
Vaseline Blue seal 100 mls16.4916.2524.95 Elegance
Popcorn Perfecto 500 grams Probrands 13.49 Perfecto 14.99Perfecto 17.99 Probrands 29.99Perfecto 14.65
2kg Chicken Irvines
Mixed Portions
N/A108.99 2 kg 126.45
1kg beef 145.99 Beef Blade99.50 Commercial Blade N/A
Beef mince 1KG96.9995.50104.72
Lacto Dairiboard 500mlN/AN/A7.75
Lions Matches Pack13.4912.9010.05
Probrands Candles 22.99 300 g ,32.99 450 g22.85 300 g ,32.89 450 g 32.90 450 g
Happy Day Diapers 20s115.99115.00115.00
LakeHarvest Bream 2KG119.99 123.99N/A
Peanut Butter Mama's375 ml 36.9937.5038.10
Buttercup Margarine 250 grams 18.9919.49N/A
Cashiel Valley Tinned Beans 410 grams 15.9914.1515.99
Tinned Fish Pilchards 155 grams N/AIdeal 12.7014.70
Nugget Shoe Polish 50 ml21.29 Nugget21.00N/A
Fattis and Monis Spaghetti 500 grams24.9938.40N/A
Harpic 750mlN/A70.3043.10 500ml
Royco Usavi Mix N/A5.506.37
1 KG Jungle Oats 64.9982.9949.05
Texan Tinned Beef Hot Chilli 300 grams N/AN/A40.10
Vim All Purpose 500 grams23.99


Dendairy Yoghurt 500 gramsN/AN/AN/A
Bubbles Foam Bath 2 litres105.99133.00N/A
Lyons Drinking Chocolate 125grams 29.99 250 gN/A28.75



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Runyararo Makunde

Media and Society Studies Student Journalist for zimtrending Blogger Copywriter

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