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The Four Organizational Hurdles to Strategy Execution

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The season for strategic retreats, workshops, masterclasses or any is upon us. Most people can have a strategy in their businesses but few realise the hurdles to strategy execution. The article focuses on the strategic hurdles within organizations.

There are four hurdles to strategy execution namely Cognitive, political, motivational and resources hurdle.

Cognitive Hurdle

Here we see an organisation that is wedded to the status quo. To break through the cognitive hurdle be face to face with worst operational problem. Ride the ‘Electric Sewer' and meet the disgruntled customers.

Political Hurdle

Here you face opposition from powerful vested interests. Knock over the political hurdle and overcome political forces. Who is the most to gain from the strategic shift? Leverage on angels as you silence the devils while you get a consigliere on top management team (this knows in advance all the land mines i.e. who will fight you, who will support you).

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Motivational Hurdle

This one is now so rampant in Zimbabwe, there are a lot of unmotivated staff. There is a need to motivate employees fast and at low cost. An organization must zoom in on Kingpins thus influencers in the organisation. The Kingpins must be placed in a fishbowl thus transparency, inclusive and fair process which must be atomized to get the organisation to change itself. Atomization is framing the strategic challenge, actionable to all levels.

Resources Hurdle

Most strategies are difficult to execute as a result of limited resources. You need to jump the resource hurdle by taking a strategic shift with fewer resources. Redistribute resources to the Hot Spots thus low resources input but high potential gains. There is a need to redirect resources from the cold spots through engaging in horse trading. Horse trading your unit's excess resources in one area for another unit's excess resources to fill remaining resources gap.

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