Poverty is More Expensive Than Riches. Here’s Why

Nothing is as expensive as poverty. When you are poor, you basically pay more for everything. It is a prison that charges you rent for being under arrest.

I used to think it was cheaper to be poor. Now I realize it is the most expensive thing in the world. Number one reason most relationships break up? Money.

When you are poor, you can’t even run a relationship let alone a friendship. You are in a super trap. Poor people cannot even get a loan from anywhere if ever a loan can be helpful.

Like what are you even going to stake there? Your life? Poor people can’t even have an opinion. No one even laughs at a poor man’s joke. But for a rich man, all his jokes are ever funny.

Poverty charges interests on everything. You live in a place that floods when it rains. Now you can’t even do anything else the next morning except wake up and clean up the mess.

You set up an appointment, it rains and you can’t even make it their on time. You buy a cheap shoe, before long, it is worn out. Now you have to buy another shoe.

A kombi decides to charge more, you have to wait on the stage until a cheaper one comes along. There you go, time gone and by the time you arrive where you are headed, the opportunity has passed.

People waiting in a queue to board a Zupco bus


Guess who gets the discounts? It is the rich who buys in bulk. You have no idea how everything is cheap when you can buy it in bulk. Guess which cars are flagged down by the traffic officers?

It is the cheap cars. It is very rare to see a Range Rover flagged down. What is there to even discuss? Driving your tattered car, you are flagged down, you have to part with something. Before you know it, you can’t even pay off the mechanic.


If there is one mission for a man in life, it is to escape the poverty trap as fast as possible. It is like there is tax for being poor. You basically pay a service fee for being poor. Bottom Line: Don’t be poor.

You end up as the in-law who fetches water and firewood at a funeral.

Poverty robs you of choices in life. A poor man never gets to choose. The choices are already made. Your kids will still go to the same fake schools, taught by fake teachers and then guess what?

No one will even think about them when an opportunity strikes. Poverty steals all options in life. Wondering where to hold your wedding?

My dear you can’t even wonder, you can be certain it is going to be some fake gardens. No one even wants to turn up for a poor man’s wedding meeting.

What’s even worse, when there is an ‘opportunity’, it is always a scam disguised as an opportunity. You think there is any rich man losing money in a Development Channel.

Never! It is still the poor people’s money. It is much easier to scam a poor man than a rich man. Because a poor man is on the wall, he is desperate. He is ready to do anything.

Poverty is the most expensive thing!!! Don’t be poor please! 2020 let’s make money, let’s make lots of it!

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