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Value is defined as the quality that renders something desirable or valuable. It is the degree of importance that is given to something. Value can be defined as the amount of money, goods or services that are considered to be a fair equivalent for something else.

Have you ever paused your breath for a moment and ask your self this BIG question, “What is my worth?” If you haven't, from today onwards, know that you are understating your potential and capabilities.

It is only when you have a pronounced personal value that you can start migrating from the dormant you into a vibrant force that adds value to self and transforms the whole world.

Planning is possible if there is a clear and concise vision of where one wants to see themselves at in the near or distant future. If you are still struggling with the answer to the question above, then the time is now to begin to be honest with yourself that you were moving but in the direction of many.

It is all in how you define yourself as a person and what you subsequently exert your energy at that determines your value.

Is anyone deriving any material benefit from your presence? Is there anything that people call only you to do because you do it the best? What do people know you off? What value do they derive from knowing what you do? All these are questions that people must ask themselves if and only if they want to become of value in their lives.

This script will look into the quality of a person that attracts value, the desirability issues and the degree of importance of a person relative to others.


Tonight I joined a certain businessman cum politician to my Premium Business Network International Whatsapp group but within ten strokes of the minute hand, he had caused unbearable commotion in the group that he left everyone suggesting his exit. I then resonated well with Daniel Golman's theories of emotional intelligence. The quality of his conversations lacked emotional intelligence and lack of self-leadership was evident in his statements.

The quality of one's words speaks more of who that person is and what they are capable of doing in life. At times it is better to keep quiet and listen to others as they talk than just throwing in words handpicked from the irrelevant lot. These will automatically be irrelevant. This will throw casts of doubt to your person and eat heavily on your character.

Emotional intelligence teaches you how to relate well with your emotions and the emotions of others. What to say? Where to say it? and how to say it? A person who have mastered this concept knows how to stay connected even in and after an argument. They know how to get the ear of an opponent. A person who is emotionally smart only contributes relevance and commands much respect in the society. All these things add up to the quality that one builds up for self. It is in this quality that value is driven. Such kind of people just catches the attention of many without effort.


It is the intrinsic quality of a person that makes them desirable by others. Others would want to associate with them because of how they carry themselves in the public space and how they contribute to the generality and specifics. The more you appeal to others the greater your personal value. The simple law of demand and supply here steps in. If there are more people who desires you the more your value.

At times one is picked not because their value is up there, but because there are no options. We generally do not want people to pick you up for that reason. One should be picked because they are the best in that field. They offer a unique product or service. Their style of leadership is second to none. They have well sought after skills. This improves one's desirability. Desirability is based on merit than anything else.

Degree of importance

Those with a higher degree of importance naturally attract more value than their counterparts. This importance is not something that can be imposed on someone or bought from the local store. It is a virtue that needs investment in self coupled with a greater amount of discipline and integrity.

In order to boost your degree of importance, you need to be relevant and keep current. Develop rare skills in your field of expertise. Pursue your life purpose with passion. Raise your bar every day. Refuse stagnation. Slight movement is better than no movement at all. Move from success to significance. Refuse to be ordinary. Be synonymous with success. Be known for doing what you say you will do. Boost your confidence in people. Leave them with no option because of your outstanding performance. Raise your degree of importance daily.

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Become of value to attract value. Be the best that you can be. Do not take any other position besides the best and first. Do things differently. Tell yourself daily that you are the best. Never allow your past failures to impede your progress. Increase you value daily by learning at least something new. Be on the front and occupy them from the seat. You are the only ones who have the keys to your greatness. You are the only person who can determine their degree of greatness. People only confirms the position otherwise no winner is made in the ring.


Personal value is a derivative. It is you and you alone who can extract the value tapped within. There remain various ways of becoming of value in the marketplace but one sure way is SELF LEADERSHIP which begins with identifying your calling and do the best in everything you do. Direct most of your energy to the things that add value to your name.



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