I Want My Car & Phone Back: Germany-based Ex-lover Exposes National FM’s DJ Shugeta

It never rains but pours for prominent radio personality, DJ Shugetta, amid revelations that his estranged Germany-based lover is now demanding back a cellphone and a jallopy he bought for the deejay when they were still dating.

A source close to the deejay’s ex-lover, a one Petty who is based in Germany, revealed that DJ Shugeta has been clinging on to a Samsung S4 plus tablet and a Honda Airwave vehicle which the former had initially bought for the later.

“(Shugeta) was actually dependant on Petty who used to pamper him with financial handouts. Ndichakusenderai ma screenshot emari dzakasendwa muone. Kamface kacho katori rough. He was asked to return the car (but is adamant, saying he cannot be moved)”, said the source.

Although Shugeta (real name Tafadzwa Beni) roundly dismissed the reports as false, claiming that Petty was, in fact, his baby Mama, WhatsApp  conversations between the two which were gleaned by this publication indicate that Petty is now demandingly in need of the car and the phone. In the chats, Shugeta insists their affair was ‘not about money’, and said he would pay Petty back.

When queried over the reports, an emotive Shugeta said it was just a misunderstanding, and claimed he and Petty are married and that they have a child together, named Anenyasha. This is despite revelations that Anenyasha is, in fact, Shugeta’s niece.

Let me correct you, munhu wamuri kutaura mukadzi wangu bvunza amai vangu bvunza mkoma wangu bvunza ma close relatives and ane mwana wangu .. ukanzwa ndichiti Baba Anenyasha kana Amai Anenyasha ndiye Mai Anenyasha wacho ”, Shugeta claimed.

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  1. but someties its not fair to demands your things back after a breack up bcz whn u were bsy byng those thing it was btwn the both of you …but whn sme1 brke yr hrt u know pblish it ……for wat reason really????? this is not cool at alll

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