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Baba Tensen Bashes Zimbos In SA

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South Africa-based Zimbabwean comedian Pepukai Zvemhari well known as Baba Tensen has come out with guns blazing bashing Zimbabweans based in South Africa following his Arrest in August.

The comedian was incensed that he was briefly arrested by the South African Police Service in August following allegations made by a Zimbabwean woman that he had defrauded her after he falsely claimed that he could get her passport stamped to enable her to extend her stay in South Africa.

Baba Tensen was later released after the allegations were found to be baseless. Speaking to local tabloid H-Metro the comedian had no kind word for Zimbabweans in South Africa

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“It was just a video yakaonekwa nevanhu vakawanda on social media zvikaita kunge ichokwadi because the lady who did that, I don’t even know her and why she accused me duping her. She lied a lot on the video and there were no passports found or stamps with me”

“I did even sleep in cells neither did I spend an hour at the police station. I was shocked by how they twisted the story afterward on social media”

“The police and I were laughing about how some Zimbabweans behave as compared to some foreigners, Zimbos here are too stupid, they spread falsehoods against each other and they don’t mind their own business,” said Baba Tensen.

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