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Farting Pastor Heals With His Stinking Air Discharged From His Backside

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Now there is a farting prophet who heals with his stinking air discharged from his backside.

It's reported that prophet Chris Pelonope was photographed farting on one of his congregants' head. The self-proclaimed Man of God says he was administering “holy spirit” to his church members.

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The pastor who is possessed with farting spirits is overwhelmed by demand from people who are in need of his stinking wind. They say long queues are the order of the day as people line up to receive their blessing through his anointed carbon-monoxide germinating from his anal opening which is believed to be a special bowl of wealth and great things.

Some businesspeople almost wait for two-month queuing for this man to fart on their nostrils so that they may start wining tenders again. Most people pay handsomely to collect the farting aroma on a bottle to always smell when they initiate business meetings and deals.


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