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61 Year Old Man Fights Over 17 Year Old Lover

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TWO elderly men who “clashed” at their teenage girlfriend’s place have been arrested for causing a scene at her place.

The drama-filled incident occurred at Queenspark East last week on Thursday.

The court heard that while Ebson Kandlela (61) was relaxing with his 17-year-old lover at her place they heard a knock at the gate.

The lady in question rushed to the gate and found out that it was her other lover Petro Matutu (42).  

She refused to open the gate while giving an excuse that her parents who are reportedly based in South Africa were at the house. As a result, an argument ensued between the two. 

Hearing the noise Kandlela rushed to the gate, he accused Matutu of disturbing them but that did not go down well with Matutu.

A fight broke out, Matutu hit Kandlela with a stone on the forehead leaving him with a deep wound on the face.

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A police officer who was on patrol intervened and arrested the love rivals. They were arrested.

Kandlela took to the stand: “ I’m facing marital problems, as result stress took its toll on me, that is why I had to fight with him over that lady. I’m embarrassed by what happened and I do not know how I will face my family.”

Matutu told the court he felt hard done by her lover whom he has been pampering with a lot of money for her upkeep.

“I have spent a lot of money on her upkeep and that is how she pays me. I’m gutted by this! To make matters worse I had planned to marry her but shockingly things have taken a terrible turn,” said the worried-looking Matutu. 

Magistrate Stephen Ndlovu found them guilty for disorderly conduct and fined them $300 each, failure to pay by end of this month they will languish in jail for two months.

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Runyararo Makunde

Media and Society Studies Student Journalist for zimtrending Blogger Copywriter

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