Walter Mzembi, Accuse President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s Government of Trying to Abduct Him.

Former Foreign Affairs Minister and leader of the newly formed People’s Party, Walter Mzembi, has accused President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s government of trying to abduct him.

Foreign Affairs Minister Walter Mzembi

In an interview with a radio station in Botswana, Mzembi denied fleeing from the courts in Zimbabwe adding that the judiciary was captured hence could not guarantee him a fair trial.

The ex-minister castigated Mnangagwa and his linked cartels for capturing the arms of government.

“I’m not in exile, I’m here on the express permission of the state of Zimbabwe under a long term medical program after I fell sick.

“I’m not a fugitive from justice. In the fullness of time, I will avail myself and complete the court processes that were commenced in Zimbabwe.

“My last appearance was in September 2018. I wanted to fulfil the due process of the time but I escaped an abduction on the 19th of September and I left. I left on the advice from my security. They could not guarantee my safety on the following day.

“So my fear of a captured state is that of many people and has been recently confirmed by the Prosecutor General himself who has alluded to the State being captured by a cartel, the judiciary, Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (Zacc) and other arms of the state.

“There is no one who doesn’t want want to clean up his name if it has been smeared in allegations but who does that stupid thing of subjecting oneself to captured arms of the state,” Mzembi said.

Mzembi asked why the Zimbabwean judiciary failed to prosecute Mnangagwa after he fled the country when he was fired by the late former President Robert Mugabe.

“The basis of any functioning State is to the delivery of justice and you can only deliver yourself to that justice system when you are satisfied that it can pick all the boxes on fairness and I don’t believe that right now, I could be subjected to a fair trial given the state of politics surrounding me.

“I will in the fullness of time avail myself.

“Why do you think Emmerson Mnangagwa ran away from Zimbabwe the day after being fired from office by Mugabe? Where is the file which was going to be used to prosecute him?

“Like myself, we know it ceases from being prosecution to persecution,” added Mzembi.

He blamed ZANU PF for increasing poverty in the country.

Mzembi compared Mnangagwa led regime with Ian Smith’s in terms of repression.

“ZANU PF is no longer the leading light of our politics. They were not patient with their founding father.

“They claim that they wanted to restore a legacy. Three years down the line, does it look like a restored legacy or a serious regression of the same? Where 8.8 million households have been put forward to the world food program for assistance. Where our hospitals could be closed for five months. Where in schools teachers are bunking due to incapacity,” added Mzembi.

The People’s Party president vowed to provide leadership in order to stop the ZANU PF regime which he blamed for failing to run the economy and uniting people in Zimbabwe.

“We can’t sit by and watch this regression as leadership. Our people are ailing for redemption.

“When we left our country two years ago, we took time to reflect what we needed to do as we look forward into the future. Some of us had gone to business but there is a dire situation on the ground.

“The research survey results point to a political vacuum in Zimbabwe because we have been reminded back to 1961 when Southern Rhodesia banned the National Democratic Party, the only viable party.

The only viable party in the country, the (Movement for Democratic Change) MDC has been banned,” he added.

Mzembi said the automatic regime of Mnangagwa is responsible for silencing the main opposition MDC.

“They can’t assemble, organise or mobilise. So, what is the difference between their situation and the Southern Rhodesia of 1961?

“Unfortunately these are the young people running the party but they are unable to respond to this kind of repression.

“People are boiling with anger, they are boiling to manifest and demonstrate the Zimbabwe that they want.

“Mnangagwa failed to unify the people. The responsibility of any winner in an election or when you suddenly find yourself at the top of a political structure or government structure like was the case with him is to unify people,” he said.

Mzembi said Zimbabweans are ready to fight the ZANU PF regime.

“Nothing can ever supersede the quest and the necessity for unity in Zimbabwe. 

“What we had hoped for Emmerson Mnangagwa to do was to unify Zimbabwe and bring everybody to the table,” added Mzembi.

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