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Snake Saves Man From A Robbery Attack

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A man from Denver suburb thanked his lucky stars on Friday when a snake found in his house saved him from further attacks from robbers that had already axed him countless times all over his body.

Mike Zheve (52) who had gone to Mutare for a few days went back home where he stays alone on Friday to a snake waiting to be his knight in the dark night against intruders that had violently made their way into his house by axing down his door.

“I was sleeping when I heard a loud bang on my door. Before long the two males were already inside my house beating and axing me all over my body demanding that I surrender my Huawei P20 phone, watch and all my money to them,” said Zheve.

Zheve said he got suspicious of the duo who seemed to know the type of phone he was using even though they hadn't seen it.

“I took the watch off and gave it to them. As I retrieved the money where I kept it, we saw a huge snake just next to my bed in the same room. We all got a fright and the other guy quickly stroked it with the axe,” said Zheve.

The duo split their attention as one of them tended to the snake to check if it was alive while the other focused on counting the money that they had snatched from Zheve.

“I took that as an opportunity to make my escape as they had now fixed their attention on the snake and money,” he said.

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They tried to go after him but Zheve hid in one of the trenches that are around his house and they couldn't find him.

“I was only wearing my boxer shorts with nothing on my feet. Surprisingly the thorns that are all over this place couldn't get to me but when one of the guys tried to grab me he was thrashed by the thorns and had to let me go.

“As for the snake I don't know how it mysteriously got in my house because that type of snake can't get inside the house. Plus I wasn't around for about three days so I don't know how it could have possibly gained entry,” said Zheve.

Zheve said he went to alert people in the nearby houses in Cowdray Park since his house was isolated. Before going to report the matter at the police station and seeking medical attention, Zheve and some Cowdray Park residents went back to Zheve's place and found that the intruders had left the snake displayed outside his house and had taken all his groceries. They left the phone by the bedside.

The residents found a trail of mealie-meal from the 50kg bag they stole. They followed it and it led them to Nyamandlovu road. The money stolen was $500 and 10 000 rand.

Bulawayo police spokesperson Inspector Abednico Ncube said the intruders were still at large and they were investigating the matter. He said people with information about machete gangs had taken advantage of that using rogue elements that scare people into thinking that they were machete gangs.

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