There is a scam message circulating on social media and has gone viral in a matter of 2 days.

We wish to advice the public that this is a scam,no such Lockdown funds are being given to people.

Below is the message

Wow I just got Z$500 from this offer.Free Z$500 Lockdown Funds to sustain During this lockdown😍

Zimbabwe FG has started giving out free Z$500 to sustain and support citizens during the lockdown period

I just claimed mine now and you too can claim yours

Note : You are only eligible to be credited once

Click below to claim yours intantly

Its available for just few people so claim yours now!!


For those who are posting free money, free internet data, free this and free that.

Let me teach you some basic ICT, any link that start with “http ” is most likely a phishing link.
Phishing is usually intended to get your personal details
Everything about you including your date of birth, bank account number etc.

This is how scammers and hackers steal your identity and use them to scam. Please be careful.

Terms And Conditions: Take note please

*Avoid random links.
*Avoid all these null data links, MTN, Airtel, Zamtel is not sharing data.
*The government is not sharing money.
*Your bank is not sharing money.
*Don’t be unfortunate.
*If Coronavirus has not seen you don’t allow scammers to scam you.
*Be smart and Ignore those links for your own good.
*Stop forwarding as received without proper verification

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