Zimbabweans who were repatriated from the United Kingdom (UK) have refused to be housed at Belvedere Teachers college but are demanding to stay in hotels, the Zimbabwe government has said.

It is mantatory for all people who are returning from exile to be subjected to a 14 days quarantine as per World Health Organisation regulations.

“We received 65 Zimbabweans from the UK. Available place of quarantine is Belvedere Teachers College. They are refusing this accommodation demanding hotels. Govt can’t afford. Why come from a covid19 hotspot during a lockdown & demand posh facilities at stretched public cost?” The permanent secretary in the Ministry of Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services Nick Mangwana said.

UK returnees have argued the living conditions at Belvedere teachers college are inhuman and they are not able to stay there. Some reports indicate they are asking for running water and and proper beds to sleep. The are reported to be willing to sleep outside than in the rooms. It is also reported that the government have promised to move them to the University of Zimbabwe tomorrow.

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