Billionaire Strive Masiyiwa Advice To Young People On Lavish Lifestyle After Revealing That He Owns Two Cars

The Forbes certified billionaire Strive Masiyiwa shocked many when he announced that he only owns two cars.

The telecoms mogul revealed the news on his social media platforms as he gave out some advice to youths growing up.

Social media then started saying he was referring to the controversial USA-based Passion Java who is always showing off his flashy cars and houses.

This came after Prophet Makandiwa also said that when you have real money you don’t need to say it out.

Passion Java was quick to react to the news as he posted a video replying indirectly to Prophet Makandiwa. Now They also saying Passion Java should not react to this post because Strive Masiyiwa is an elder when it comes to money a Forbes certified billionaire.

Check the statement below

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