Goodness and Mercy Ministries founder Prophet T Freddy has given an explanation on the trending pictures of him in a coffin went viral yesterday on social media. Social media was flooded by pictures of  in a coffin.

Zimbabweans were left wondering if the prophet had died.

The whole set up of him in a coffin surrounded by crying mourners, a doves man, and Doves Morgan car made the pictures look surreal. To make matters worse both the prophet and his personal assistant were not reachable for comment.

Zimtrending learnt that the pictures were just one of the casting pictures for an upcoming video like always.The prophet early this year had some pictures of him wearing makeup circulating on social media and they were mearnt for a music video.

Prophet T Freddy’s personal assistant Norleen Mundawaro said that the hired media people are the ones who leaked the photographs and as such he is now forced to release the video earlier.

“Allow me to tell our followers that Prophet Freddy is alive and the photographs circulating on social media are in connection with his new song off the coming album. The launch was slated for 7th August but because of the leak Prophet is now under pressure to release the album earlier and if all goes well it will be released on Saturday.”

Apparently, the prophet is emotionally affected by the leaking of the photographs.

“Prophet Freddy varikurwadziwa this time over the people who shot the music video and leaked the photographs meant to be released on the launch day of his coming album ‘AREA’,”

“The media team who filmed the video are the ones who failed to keep the secret although they had been paid their dues in full.”

“Prophet is furious. Our security and our contacts were inundated with calls from our followers paying condolence while some wanted to know if what they saw was true,” said Mundawaro.

The video is expected to be released on Saturday.

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