All Forms Of Payment To Be Accepted At All Fuel Service Stations

Zimbabwe Energy Regulatory Authority (ZERA, Acting Chief Executive Officer  Edington Mazambani says all fuel service stations that buy fuel using local currency must accept all forms of payment including mobile money from motorists.

Mazambani gave an exception that only those who operate using their offshore funds to source fuel from the traders can sell their fuel with any currency form of their choices.

Mazambani said, “It is illegal to refuse to accept all forms of payment (if fuel was purchased using local currency) and ZERA is working with law enforcement agencies to ensure compliance in the sector.

‘Only operators who would have used their own offshore funds to source fuel from the traders may sell the product in the currency of their choice”.

He went on to say blending on all fuel imports was saving the country about 20 percent scarce foreign currency which would have been paid to fuel traders.

Muzamabani said fuel blending is a government programme which dovetails with regional and global trends as countries are shifting towards a cleaner, renewable, and environmentally friendly fuels.


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