Mufti Menk’s Silence On Zimbabwe’s Human Rights Crisis, Links To Mnangagwa

Ismail ibn Musa Menk a renowned Islamic preacher in Zimbabwe who is well known as Mufti Menk have been criticised by tweeter users for his silence on Zimbabwe's situation on human rights.

This was analysed after Ali Naka posted on twitter saying that Menk's silence on Zimbabwe's situation was due to Chrome mining deals with the government.

Ali Naka, a political activist and Pan Africanist who is allegedly working with the Rwanda government tweeted:

I am told this @muftimenk has the highest number of Twitter followers in Zimbabwe. He is only following ONE PERSON! I went through his timeline. Nothing on #ZimbabweLivesMatter #TheMarchIsNotEnded – Now it makes sense.

Whilst MaNdebvu is posting motivational tweets he is busy chowing Chrome from Midlands! His file is here!

Menk has as of 18 August 2020, had 6 471 501 followers on Twitter while he follows only one person, President Emmerson Mnangagwa

These attacks on Menk, which may constitute cyberbullying, come when other religious leaders in the country and yonder, have spoken against the reported governance and human rights crisis in the country.

They accuse the ZANU PF government of neglecting corruption reports which have deteriorated the citizenry’s living standards and violating fundamental human rights.

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