Beatrice Mtetwa Ban “Those Doctors, Those Lawyers Who Were Treating Dissenters, We Are Going After Them,” Mnangagwa Warned In February

The banning of Beatrice Mtetwa today is what Emmerson Mnangagwa announced in Mwenezi on the 16th Feb 2019 when he said he will go after the lawyers and doctors treating people who demonstrate against him.

Earlier in his speech, he confessed publicly that he has deployed emissaries to spoon-feed African leaders on his version of events. He said.

” First of all we sent our own leaders, to all SADC countries just spoon feed them on what happened during the demonstrations (or noise), because for instance in Bulawayo they were traveling from one area to the other and saying tomorrow anyone who will have been arrested you must go to lawyers who are ready to defend you, those who have been injured, they will be doctors ready to treat you. Hurting other people’s children like that. All those people we are not going after them.

He then said, “those doctors, those lawyers who were treating dissenters, we are going after them.”

He also threatened to shorten the lives of demonstrators. He added saying he will shorten the lives of many people. He said:

“Hallelujah to those who choose peace and may their days be increased in the land ruled by black people. But those who chose to demonstrate their days will be shortened (shrunk).”  -Zimeye

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