Unknown to the general public, the Guinean Grand P, is the new darling of the web. Queries on Google about this new star have skyrocketed in recent days. But who is he?

Real name Moussa Sandiana Kaba, Grand P is Guinean artist-composer suffering from progeria, a genetic disease that gave him a different physique.

Long laughed at and marginalized because of his appearance, he was able, despite this handicap, to find a place in the sun.

It was during a show that the artist was treated to the microphone and seduced the audience to everyone’s surprise.

3Who is Grand P, the Guinean star, about whom we speak on the web

Thanks to a helping hand from his friend and colleague Sidiki Diabaté, Grand P imposes his style on the public with his hands joined as a sign of gratitude towards God towards him.

Since then, all the stars want to appear with him and invite him to concerts. The media, patrons and politicians are snapping up Grand P in his country and even beyond the borders.

For example, during CAN Egypt 2019, he was sent to Cairo to lead and support the Guinean delegation.

He is now known beyond the borders of his country is today realizing one of his dearest dreams: to become a known artist who shares the stage with big stars.

Back in the country, and in full preparation for his first album entitled “Ikhadi Nan na”, Grand P organized on October 4, a giant concert at the People’s Palace in Conakry. An event during which several international artists performed.

He is also depicted as a ladies man. Below is a collection of pictures of him with different ladies:

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