LIST: Blacklisted Estate Agents In Zimbabwe

The following 79 estate agents were blacklisted by the Estate Agency Council for various reasons.

Some were blacklisted for not having a registered real estate agent while some were blacklisted for not registering with the council. Estate Agents Council warned the public against these Agencies:

  1. Phoenix Real Estate
  2. Afrikingdom Real Estate
  3. Assorted Properties
  4. Beanpole (Pvt) Ltd
  5. Bevkin Real Estate
  6. Brook Cherity Realty
  7. CMC Property Managers
  8. Portreal Africa Real
  9. Fingold Real Estate
  10. Homeslea Properties
  11. Innovative Real Estate
  12. Metro Realty
  13. Real Properties
  14. Ridgway Grant Real Estate
  15. Sunbrid Properties
  16. Ten Yards Real Estate
  17. Tentraline Real Estate
  18. Hilstec Real Estate
  19. Prolific-life Homes
  20. Real Sales
  21. Sherwood Greene Real Estate
  22. Treidon Real Estate
  23. TWRE-Harare
  24. Zim Auction Real Estate
  25. Zonal Properties
  26.  Modern Properties
  27. Zimproperty
  28. Keystone Real Estate
  29. Royal Properties
  30. Africa Real Estate
  31. Ebannewal Estates- Continental
  32. National Real Estate
  33. Page Properties
  34. Elanders Twenty-Four Real Estate
  35. Property Connect
  36. Shingirai Mtetwa
  37. Revival Generations Properties
  38. Sand River Real Estate
  39. Ash Much
  40. Baobab Real Estate
  41. Bethel Properties
  42. Bristol Properties
  43. Cannogate Properties
  44. Chipo Kagonda
  45. Dombo Dube
  46. Emporium Real Estate
  47. Esteem Real Estate
  48. Genesis Real Estate Africa
  49. Grand Homes Real Estate
  50. Grapple Properties
  51. I-Links group of Companies
  52. Lahsun Real Estate
  53. Mangata Investments Pvt Ltd
  54. Mapha’s Accommodation services
  55. Mel Dube Properties
  56. Midlands Real Estate
  57. Milton Properties
  58. On Bargain Properties/ Vision Elite
  59. Parnald Properties
  60. Phuthi Properties and Property management
  61. Prime Palmer Zimbabwe Private Limited
  62. Property exchange
  63. Property Haven Real Estate
  64. Property Sales Harare Real Estate broker
  65. Realtors Merchants
  66. Royal Eagles Realtors
  67. Simuka Realtors Pvt Ltd
  68. Status Asset managers
  69. Talent Mwembe/ Brian Nyoni Ncube
  70. The Zimbabwe Tenants and lodgers association
  71. Thornlink Properties
  72. Top Homes Properties
  73. Tusselehill Properties
  74. Vakundi Realtors
  75. Victoria Properties
  76. Wakestone Properties
  77. Primrose Rukwata
  78. Compact Real Estate
  79. Bechak Enterprises

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