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Cases Of CoVid-19 On The Rise In Schools

There is a worrying rise in the number of CoVid-19 cases in schools since they re-opened.

The most severely affected school is Jonh Tallach School in Mat North with 100 teachers and students contracting the virus.

Minister of Health and Child Care VP Chiwenga also confirmed that Some students at Prince Edward School in Harare have tested positive for the virus.

He said;

I could have addressed the school children but because of the spike which has visited us, we have over 100 pupils affected at John Tallach Secondary School and so far, investigations tell us that one of the pupils went to attend a funeral in South Africa and the child came back and she has affected 100 other children. We also have another spike in Harare at Prince Edward High School and we are still investigating the source of the spike. We are investigating as to find the source of that spike. We are going through a very difficult time, not only as a country but as the entire world because of the Covid-10 pandemic.

The rise in cases has led to some Members of Parliament calling for the immediate closure of schools citing fears abound over the possibility of a second wave of the virus.

Kwekwe Polytechnic and Joshua Mqabuko Nkomo Polytechnic have indefinitely suspended lectures after some of their students had contracted the coronavirus.

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