You are a product of the people you constantly associate yourself with. Your associations predict were you are going and the success you will achieve. To change the course of your life, change the people you are constantly hanging around with.

Below are the types of associations you need to associate yourself with.


1. People who do not accomodate mediocre behaviour/successes.

There are a certain group of people who will accomodate mediocrity be it in behavior, character, achievements and work. Be careful of such people they will make you feel like you are doing well while you havenot achieved anything as yet. The main reason why they want you to remain mediocre is because they are affraid if you achieve more than them they become intimidated by your success.


2. Make you feel like you do not know anything at all.

There is a popular saying thats goes, “If you are the smartest one in your group, you need a new group.” If you know the same things that everyone in your group knows, you need a new group. Life is about learning. Learning is an attitude. The more we learn the more we become better equipped to face life’s ups and downs. Keep learning, do not remain at a certain stage of knowledge because of a certain group of people you are around.


3. Challenge you to be a better person.

If your associations are not by any chance challenging you to be a better person in character, business, knowledge and skill, wisdom then you need to be honest with yourself and have people that challenge you. You need people in your life that challenge you to be better.


4. Tell you the truth no matter the cost.

It is better to have one friend who tells you the truth than dozens of friends that are deceiving and hiding things from you. From time to time you always need to get honest feedback about how you are perfoming, behaving or honest opoinions about your dreams and goals. There are people who will lie in your face for the sake of pleasing you, YOU DO NOT NEED SUCH PEOPLE. BE around people who are honest and truthful.


5. People who make you feel you havent achieved any success at all.

You need to surround yourself with people who have achieved successes better than you. These can be your mentor or someone who has achieved twice the success you have achieved. You need to have people around you who motivate you and make you feel you haven’t started. It might be a millionaire, best individual in a field.


6. People who make you think big and challenge your thought process.

There is a great saying that says, “Once the mind is exposed to greater dimensions it will drop the lesser things behind.” Have associations that expose your mind to new ideas, concepts, questions. Have associations that expand your thinking patterns. You do not need people who when you are around them all they discuss is other people. Great people (minds) discuss ideas and average people discuss other people.


7. People who inspire you to learn more and grow more.

Your best friend in life is the one that buys you a book. You need people in your life that are committed to life long learning. Learning is what brings growth in life. Without growth there is no life worth living. Have associations that teach you new things, challenge you to learn something new, challenge you to read books and advance your learning.


8. People that get you out of your comfort Zone.

There is a point in our lives were we might get stuck be it in career or business. We always need people who will help us get out of our comfort zones and enter into a new zone. People who are optimistic about the possibility of a new season and new changes in life. People who embrace possibility thinking and not victiom thinking. People who understand seasons and times.


9. People who pick you up when you fail.

You need people who when you fail they do not celebrate your down fall they actually pick you up and raise with you again. If you have friends who celebrate when you fail eliminate them from your life they are not your real friends. Real friends and associations will be with you in the ups and downs of life.


10. People who you have fun with and Celebrate Success with. (GRATEFUL PEOPLE)

All work and no play is not a healthy way to leave your life. Have people who understand that life requires a balance there is need of time to relax, reboost and just have fun and celebrate the small steps along the journey towards success. The more we celebrate small successes, the more we attract great successes in our lives.


11. People who believe in you.

It is better to have one person who believes in you and your dreams than dozens who belittle your ambitions. You need people in your life who have faith in you, who believe in the potential you have, people who tell you it can be done, peopIe that tell you you can do it.


12. People at the same level as you are.

Beds of the same feathers flock together. If you are an eagle try as much as possible try to associate yourself with eagles meaning if you are an entrepreneur try associating yourself with other entrepreneurs at your level so that you grow together, learn together and remind each other of your goals when one is now off track.


Blessed Monday

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