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SADC Reject Zimbabwe Elections

SADC cited ZEC's flawed delimitation process, failure to release the voter's roll on time and the Patriotic Bill among other irregularities.

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SADC Reject Zimbabwe Elections

The African Union (AU), Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA) and Southern Africa Development Community (SADC) elections observer missions for the 2023 Zimbabwe Elections have rejected the Zimbabwean elections saying they did not meet the guidelines.

Think Tank Says Zimbabwe Election Falls Short of SADC Guidelines

The Southern Africa regional board @SADC_News observer mission has issued its preliminary report.

SADC Observers Report in brief;

1. Delimitation was a flawed and unconstitutionally executed process.

2. ZEC failed ro release the Voters Roll on time for Candidates to Audit.

3. The fee charged for the Voters Roll was restrictive to candidates

4. CCC Rallies were disrupted by the Police thereby denying the Citizens their right to Freedom of Assembly.

5. The Patriotic Bill is unconstitutional as it attacks the Freedom of Speech.

6. Kasukuwere’s disqualification was unconstitutional but dismissed by the courts.

7. The Nomination fees was restrictive (from 1000Usd to 20 000USd).

8. Access to public media was restrictive to the opposition.

The observations have trashed the elections and the outcome which plunges the country into an electoral crisis.

SADC Reject Zimbabwe Elections

This is the first time that the regional body SADC has given a fair and honest review of the elections in the region.

It's a shocking departure from the quiet diplomacy that has seen Zanu-PF get away with flawed electoral processes from as early as 1999.

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In 2018, in the aftermath of the announcement of presidential results, 6 innocent citizens were killed in Harare CBD in broad daylight.

SADC set up a commission led by former South African president Kgalema Montlante to help solve the Zimbabwean crisis.

The Motlante Commission Report recommended several key reforms. None of those reforms were implemented and Mnangagwa went on to frog march Zimbabweans into another flawed election.

Despite having a 2-thirds majority in parliament, Zanu-PF never bothered to make the key reforms that would have created a much more conducive environment for the 2023 elections.

Now Zimbabwe stands in a precarious position with the major question being, “What next?”

SADC Reject Zimbabwe Elections

What will Zanu-PF do next? What will the opposition CCC do next? What will the SADC Organ on Politics and Defence do next?

Will Zimbabwe start afresh? Will it a government of national unity, GNU? Or, are we looking at a National Transitional Authority, NTA?

What if Mnangagwa decides to show SADC the middle finger go it alone in a full blown dictatorship? What will the citizens do?


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