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Registrar Failing to Print Plastic IDs

Citizens now spending up to 3 days queuing for the document with touts cashing in by charging US$15 to assist in jumping the long queues.

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Registrar Failing to Print Plastic IDs

THE Registrar-General’s Office has run out of consumables used to produce national identity documents (IDs), leaving thousands of citizens stranded as the IDs crisis resurfaces.

Registrar-General’s Have No Internet Connection

NewsDay has established that several registry offices across the country, including those in major cities, have stopped issuing polythene ID cards.

The offices have resorted to issuing green waiting passes to applicants, while those acquiring birth certificates wait for up to five months before the documents are issued.

As a result, some locals, especially those in rural areas, are travelling hundreds of kilometres to the Harare Civil Registry offices to get IDs.

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However, the Harare Civil Registry Office reportedly issues no more than 200 IDs per day.

Registrar Failing to Print Plastic IDs

This, according to reports, has forced hundreds of citizens to spend up to three days queuing for the document with touts cashing in on desperate document seekers by charging them US$15 to jump the long queues.

Some desperate citizens are forking out cash amounting to US$100 to facilitate the production of their IDs.

Officials at several registry offices, who spoke on condition of anonymity, revealed that the machines used to process polythene IDs were also down.


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