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UZ Students at Centre of Avenues Murder

After their intimate encounter, Mitchell and Chivizhe got into a nasty dispute over the money that Chivizhe paid for services rendered.

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UZ Students at Centre of Avenues Murder

A University of Zimbabwe (UZ) student and his friends are up for murder after killing a bouncer after a disagreement with a sex worker.

Proud Tawananyasha Kaguda, along with Tinotenda Chivizhe and Terrence Nyasha Mugocha, appeared at the Harare Magistrates Court yesterday, facing severe charges of murder.

Man Dies Fighting for Avenues Thigh Vendor

During their appearance before Harare magistrate Dennis Mangosi, the accused individuals were not required to enter a plea. Instead, they were remanded in custody until 11 November 2023.

On Thursday, 2 November 2023, Kaguda, Chivizhe, and Mugocha were travelling in a Toyota Duet when they picked up a sex worker named Mitchell Muranda.

They then headed to Jazz 105 in Harare, where Chivizhe and Muranda had transactional tlof tlof.

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State prosecutor Zebediah Bofu told the court that after the intimate encounter, Mitchell and Chivizhe got into a nasty dispute. Mitchell disagreed with the money Chivizhe paid her after the tlof tlof.

UZ Students at Centre of Avenues Murder

She also accused her student client of stealing her money as it was now missing. Instantly, Mitchell roped in and told her friends from the Avenues area that Kaguda, Chivizhe and Mugocha had allegedly stolen her money just after dropping her off.

In response, Mitchell and her buddies hired a taxi and chased the three. The pursuit ended when the trio’s vehicle halted on Sixth Street.

The unfortunate turn of events unfolded when one of Mitchell’s friends, a bouncer, attempted to approach the trio’s car to turn it off. However, as he tried to enter the vehicle, the boys sped away.

The unnamed bouncer tried again to stop the car, and he allegedly attacked the trio. Proud Kaguda then struck him with a bottle on the head and gored him in the neck.

Bleeding profusely, the bouncer fell out of the car and tragically passed away on Samora Machel Street.


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