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ZBC Drama: Nepotism in New Board and an Apology

New board chair Helliate Rushwaya is related to Martin who is Mnangagwa's top aide

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ZBC Drama: Nepotism in New Board and an Apology

Information Minister Jenfan Muswere has appointed seven individuals to the board of directors of the State broadcaster, the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC).

Outrage over Lobengula Comments on ZBC

The board is expected to actively contribute to the turnaround of ZBC, focusing on the production and distribution of commercially viable, innovative, high-quality content on a national and global scale.

Additionally, the minister outlined responsibilities such as ensuring good corporate governance, zero tolerance for corruption, modernizing ZBC studios, enhancing revenue generation strategies, promoting local content production, and contributing to the broadcasting ecosystem.

The board is entrusted with fostering sustainable financial management, effective marketing, and industrial relations, as well as championing heritage-based broadcasting and supporting the brand Zimbabwe campaign.

Here are the new board members:

  • Ms Helliate Rushwaya (Chair), former ZBC chief executive.
  • Mr. Lewis Uriri,
  • Mr. Chipo Nheta,
  • Ms. Precious Charandura,
  • Mr. Charles Munganasa,
  • Dr. Henry Mukono, and
  • Dr. Nanette Silukhuni.

Helliate is the young sister of convicted gold smuggler Henrietta Rushwaya while Martin Rushwaya, the former Permanent Secretary of Defence who is the current Chief Secretary to the President and Cabinet, is a top adviser to President Emmerson Mnangagwa, who is also his cousin.

ZBC Drama: Nepotism in New Board and an Apology

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The appointments are for a four-year term beginning January 9, 2024.

The public broadcaster went on to apologise for the brazen tribalistic comments made by two presenters regarding King Lobengula.

The apology reads below:

The Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) extends its apologies to the people of Zimbabwe, and its audiences regarding the inappropriate remarks made by the presenters of Good Morning Zimbabwe on Wednesday, 3rd January 2024.

The National Broadcaster places it on record that the said remarks do not represent the views of the ZBC.

ZBC holds great respect for all the people of Zimbabwe, as well as the valorous history of our forefathers in defending their land, humanity, and dignity.

More Managers Suspended in ZBC Sexual Harassment Scandal

Furthermore, ZBC assures the nation that it upholds a comprehensive Editorial Policy that places national interests at the forefront of all content.

Concurrently, appropriate disciplinary measures are being taken against any individuals found to have violated the Standard Operating Procedures and Editorial Policy of the national broadcaster.


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