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Cecilia Douses Polygamous Hubby

The following day, another quarrel ensued, this time revolving around financial matters.

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Cecilia Douses Polygamous Hubby

Cecilia Chitambo, aged 35, stood trial at the Chipinge Magistrates’ Court on charges of attempted murder, marking a tumultuous chapter in her life.

Notably, Chitambo is the second wife of the complainant, Fungai Nyazana.

On January 1st, 2024, tensions escalated between Cecilia Chitambo and Fungai Nyazana, triggered by the latter’s suspicions of infidelity.

The catalyst for this dispute emerged when Chitambo’s former spouse paid an unexpected visit to their shared residence.

Amidst the escalating confrontation, Chitambo abruptly departed to her parents’ home, seeking refuge from the mounting tension.

However, upon her return the following day, another quarrel ensued, this time revolving around financial matters.

During this altercation, Chitambo briefly vanished, only to reappear, wielding a container filled with petrol.

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Cecilia Douses Polygamous Hubby 

In a shocking turn of events, she proceeded to douse Nyazana with the flammable liquid before igniting it, causing severe burns to her spouse.

Reacting swiftly, Nyazana hurried to the kitchen, where he doused himself with water in a bid to mitigate the extent of his injuries.

Subsequently, he sought medical attention to address the burns inflicted upon him.

Meanwhile, law enforcement authorities swiftly intervened, leading to Chitambo’s arrest and subsequent legal proceedings.

Following due process, she was found guilty of attempted murder.

After deliberation, the court pronounced a sentence of 18 months imprisonment for Cecilia Chitambo, with six months of the term suspended for five years.

Consequently, she is mandated to serve an effective sentence of 12 months behind bars. The case serves as a reminder to not let anger take over us nor to take the law into our own hands.


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