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Fiancé Takes Own Life After Bae Dies Before Wedding

The would be groom passed away a week before the wedding so it had to be called off.

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Fiancé Takes Own Life After Bae Dies Before Wedding

After her fiance passed away a week before their wedding, a bride-to-be in Northern Nigeria is said to have committed suicide.

Drama as Groom Impregnates all 4 Bride's Maids

October 22, 2023 was the scheduled date of the wedding. Sadly, the groom passed away a week before, thus on Saturday, October 14, the wedding was called off.

Later that day, the bride took her own life. It was reported that she went to bed with her father and never woke up.

It is said that she left a suicide note.


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Two men arrested for trafficking in dangerous narcotics and unlawful possession of dangerous drugs have told the Harare Magistrates Court that their arrested is illegal as crystal meth is not a classified drug in Zimbabwe.

Prince Samuriwo, 35, and Humphrey Banda, 44, were arrested after being found with 83 grams of crystal meth.

Fiancé Takes Own Life After Bae Dies Before Wedding

The duo’s legal team of Admire Rubaya and Malvin Mapako argued on Thursday before magistrate Apollonia Marutya that crystal meth in not listed in the Dangerous Drugs Act, and that their clients’ arrest was illegal.

The state alleges that crystal methamphetamine that the accused were allegedly found in possession of is a dangerous drug yet there is no such drug listed in the relevant schedule to the Dangerous Drugs Act [Chapter 15:02].

A drug does not become a dangerous drug simply because the general populace, the State and or politicians want it to be treated as a dangerous drug whose alleged possession is punishable in terms of the criminal law.

Rubaya argued that an act of parliament is necessary to establish such offenses, and in the absence of such legislation, the charges cannot be upheld.

Rubaya further contended that upon reviewing the Dangerous Drugs Act, it becomes evident that there is no specific drug referred to as crystal methamphetamine, commonly known as crystal meth or by its street name, Mutoriro.


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