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POTRAZ respond to Sasai Spam messages complaints

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POTRAZ has responded to the complaints by Econet subscribers about the continuous Sasai spam messages this week.

“We have taken note of the numerous complaints and views from consumers on the continuous receipt of the Sasai SMS. We are engaging the service provider and will communicate further development”.said POTRAZ on their twitter page.


This week is a week of Customer Service and Econet is being confronted by its subscribers about their over promotion.

Subscribers responded to the tweet with approving messages on the move POTRAZ has promised to take on this issue.

“Please do talk to Econet. Not only SASAI messages but all unsolicited messages in general from Econet. Any transaction on eco cash is followed by 5-6 useless messages! Vanotipedzera battery power for nothing” said a complainant on twitter.

“They are invading my privacy by sending messages to all contacts without my consent. That is totally unacceptable” said another

However, Edmund Kudzayi and investigative journalist on twitter commented that “Sources say Econet wireless have told POTRAZ that they have no power over  SASAI SPAM MESSAGES BECAUSE THE SERVICE IS NOT BASED IN ZIMBABWE”.

Quick insight about SASAI

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Sasai is a mobile app by Cassava Fintech a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Econet Group. It was launched in July 2019 following 2 years of development. According to the company, the app was inspired and follows the same model as China's WeChat (which itself started off as a WhatsApp clone). Sasai enables customers to chat, pay for products and services, consume content.

The service has started trials in Zimbabwe for free beginning on September 1 and was set to run for 30 days. It launched a full pan-African service a month later.

The role out of Sasai is based on partnerships with mobile network operators. Ordinarily, the first partner is the Econet Wireless Group which has a presence in Zimbabwe, Lesotho and Burundi. Zimbabwe being their most important market.

The unification of social chatting and payments/fintech is a growing trend globally. 

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