The Zimbabwe Association of Abattoirs (ZAA) has assured beef consumers that all meat and other products sourced from its members were safe.

ZAA said the meat was inspected by veterinarians and inspectors from the Department of Veterinary Services.

The remarks follow claims that there were cartels comprising butchery owners, rogue elements in the police service and the Veterinary Services department that were corruptly clearing cattle infected with diseases such as anthrax, foot and mouth and theileriosis, before unleashing uninspected beef on the market.

Members of the ZAA account for 60 percent of all beef processed, and supplied to the market.

Some members of ZAA include Bellevue, Binder, Bulawayo Abattoirs, Circle Y, MC Meat, Meatfields, Sabi Meats and Windsor Park.

Said ZAA in a statement yesterday: “Government food safety inspectors have the right to confiscate and destroy any meat found in retail or outlet which has not been inspected.

“We are proud to note that all the members of ZAA comply strictly with cattle movement protocols and food safety standards. Members of the public are urged to report any suspicious activities to the police.”

A number of consumers, especially in Harare, now dread buying beef over reports of uninspected meat.

This has resulted in a spike in demand for pork and chicken, as consumers seek to avoid beef.

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