Police Turn Away Raped Victim

A 26-year-old woman has reportedly turned away from Khayelitsha cop shop in Cape Town after she had gone to report her rape case.

“The cop told me to come back the next day. He told me I mustn’t bath before opening the case. Imagine being told to stay dirty after you’ve been raped,” said the woman (26) while crying.

The victim said when she took a taxi at about 6.30pm on Monday, there were no other passengers. She told the driver where she was going, but he drove in a different direction.

“He told me he was taking money to his boss. I told him to drop me first.

“He then locked all the doors and asked me what was inside my bag.”

She said he took her into the bush and rap_ed her.

“Afterwards he asked me why he should let me live.”

She told him her sister had a lot of money, but they’d have to fetch the bank card first.

“He waited in the street and I ran into the house. I hid until he drove off,” said the victim.

She said he looked for her the next day, driving around her house.

“I’m glad he didn’t kill me,”

Brigadier Novela Potelwa was shocked the victim was turned away from the cop shop and called for a disciplinary investigation. A preliminary investigation has been started.

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