In Memory of Dr Patson Dzamara By Coach James T. Nyamajiwa

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He had a great passion in bettering others that was so natural. His hunger for learning, unlearning and relearning connected me to him. We later became crazy fellows who would work during the night and sleep an hour then go back to work. The nights were pronounced by keyboards on laptops. Ears would always have earphones as no one wanted to disturb the other. Queer enough both laptops would be playing Baba Kanotonga's music.

He was a prolific writer with pragmatic solutions. He believed in young people accessing resources especially those with leadership desire. He challenged leaders both local and international. Most people will remember him for his activism deeds after his brother was abducted. Patson was a pragmatic person, he once challenged John C Maxwell about his accession that “leadership is influence, nothing less nothing more.” He even wrote about it in his book. Doc believed in running your race now. He somehow had an invisible clock saying your time is fast up. Working with him on a number of projects for Off the Hook, and the Leadership Development Institute was one of the peak times for me. We were a lean team but we achieved much. His name sake Patson Makumbe can attest to this, may God comfort him in these difficult times. Off the Hook took many young people completely of the hooks, I met and hosted the late Morgan Tsvangirai because of Off the Hook. We hosted the leaders from different spheres of influence thanks to the visionary Doc Peedee. When we did the landmark book launch of his books, Doc spend days of sleepless nights putting the pieces together.

It was through the Emerging Leaders Summits that young leaders were exposed to visionaries including Advocate Nelson Chamisa the MDC Alliance President. Sadly those who only saw Doc with Advocate Chamisa later on when he was being persecuted for his demand to have Itai Dzamara brought back thought he was chancing his way. These brothers had a journey. To most who where close he was a brother from the other mother.

As an organisation there were times we would struggle to put the pieces together financially. We would gather together and pray. At times he would confide in those close to him. Many young persons that this giant of our time touched have tangible results in different forms.

Patson shared a deep sense of purpose, faith and conviction. He would regularly encourage you to become who you must be. He would admit if he messes up and own up especially with me. He hit with a big stick, he traveled his journey. Surely our world will not be the same again. Am happy that he did not enrich the graveyard. He left foot prints on earth. We will meet again leader, my brother from another mother.

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